Suggest a Title: Pressurizing Pressure Horns

Posted on May 16, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I was just amazed to see the quantity of seized pressure horns. Most seem to have been cast from the same die. I am just astounded by the picture. Can you suggest a better title?

26 responses to “Suggest a Title: Pressurizing Pressure Horns”

  1. Policia says:

    Apart from the funny picture, I think teh real story is that slowly law enforcement is improving in Pakistan. I hope it does because that is the key to our future.

  2. Adam Insaan says:

    …..”the last `flatus` being heard from the

  3. Xubair says:

    Great picture.

    I remember long ago there was also a Lahore drama about these horns. Very funny and very popular.

  4. Fahim says:

    Great picture.

    Band karro yeh baaja!

  5. maskeenel says:

    aya awaaz vee band karni ay

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