Edhi Gets UN Recognition for Non-Violence

Posted on October 22, 2009
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Owais Mughal

This news is a day old but important enough that we don’t want to ignore it. Maulana Abdus Sattar Edhi has won the UN award for his work in promoting tolerance and non-violence. He shares the award with a Belgian human rights activist Franois Houtart.

We are happy to see Pakistanis being recognized for non-violence and tolerance.

The recognition that Edhi has got is called the ‘UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-Madanjeet Singh Prize’. This prize was created in 1995 to advance the concept of tolerance in arts, education, culture, science and communications. It is awarded every two years.

15 responses to “Edhi Gets UN Recognition for Non-Violence”

  1. Mahmood says:

    May Allah Bless Him……

    Good news for Pakistan

  2. nadeem says:

    We love You Edhi Sahib.. May Allah Bless You..

  3. Natasha says:

    The award just got more prestigious.

  4. shakeel says:

    Congratulations to him. He richly deserves it.

    I wished there could have been more media attention to this feat. Would have helped.

    @ Aziz: Nobel Prizes are a joke. I mean, Obama received one for doing what? These prizes are never fair so dont expect this gentleman to ever win it.

  5. Aziz says:

    Congratulations to Mr Edhi. I am a huge fan of him since I was a little kid. God bless him and may his network be safe from internal and external politics. It is sad to see him being questioned at American port of enteries but I hope this award gives him enough credentials to go through security unharmed.

    BTW, I have always wondered, why does he never get nominated for Nobel prize? He has done something no one could have done in Pakistan or the world.

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