Posted on October 22, 2009
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8 responses to “The Myna of Peacock Garden: Urdu Short Stories”

  1. Aquarian says:

    Watan Aziz. Will Punjabi work for you? I am sure all your hatred against Urdu will go away then

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    Admittedly, translation is difficult; the tediousness of translation daunts many a brave heart.

    But then the same three people show up in every meeting and every forum and demand the Urdu appear in some form. I think next time, these good folks should be asked to produce Urdu to any other language translations they have done to their credit.

    An entire nations’s education is stunted by this small but vocal minority, who insists (generally, without any published translations of their own) that higher education in colleges be based Urdu text books.

    Pakistan already has enough problems dividing the nation. Language should not be one of them. By this time, this whole business of language should be settled and closed. It should be private topic for the home, not public discussion.

    Those who know and want it, there should be no restriction. Those who choose not to, should not be asked any longer. We should learn to accept diversity and respect the intellect of people.

    And let us get on with English books for higher education and gear up the secondary education for English. There is no time to waste when it comes to education.

  3. Benawa says:

    Keep up the good work Tahira Naqvi!