Posted on October 31, 2009
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35 responses to “The Haunted House of Hill Park”

  1. Seriously its seem most horrible haunted house in Karachi Pakistan as well but the thing is why people not insured in facility to their city for develop new haunted house rental for more fun.

  2. Farrukh Naik says:

    We are the first formal Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Scientific Investigation organisation in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. We are giving our services for free to any body who really is experiencing any paranormal or ghost/ spirit activity in his/her premises.

  3. Hammad says:

    Please email me ur stories or haunted places in pakistan.

  4. Nice post Owais…

    It seems Karachi, and the whole of Pakistan for that matter, has now turned into a Bhoot Bangla….with “Mr. Bhoots” appearing at every nook and corner scaring people out of their breaths and ‘droning’ them out of their lives.

    Let us pray the dreadful Bhoot Bangla goes back to its original location and these ‘Bhoots’ leave Karachi and our beloved Pakistan alone.



  5. MEHROZE says: