Posted on January 26, 2010
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138 responses to “ATP Reads: Your Favorite Books on Pakistan”

  1. april says:

    I haven’t read the entire comprehensive comment thread, so these may be repeats. Still, i see that you have Abbas’ Pakistan’s Drift Into Extremism listed here, and that happens to be a text that my Pakistan-born professor chose for our Nation and Literature class this semester. Our other required readings include:

    Sidhwa’s Cracking India
    Suleri’s Meatless Days
    Khan’s Trespassing
    Shamsie’s Kartography
    Naqvi’s Homeboy

    And, finally, The Pakistaniat is listed under our required texts. I have to be honest: this website is my favorite required reading so far.

  2. Jamshed says:

    “The Lighter Side Of The Power Game” by Air Marshal Asghar Khan,a slim volume of anecdotes.Among those making an appearance in its pages are Ayub Khan,Bhutto and the Shah of Iran.

  3. Jamshed says:

    Christina Lamb’s “Waiting for Allah” is a somewhat cynical book. But she does manage to travel extensively in Pakistan and visits many remote areas.She also talks to most of the major political figures in Pakistan.Particularly interesting is her exploration of ethnic violence in Karachi.