Naseem Hameed: Fastest Woman in South Asia Comes Home to Karachi

Posted on February 11, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Karachi native Naseem Hameed won Gold medal in SAARC games in 100 meters sprint on Feb. 7 and returned home to Karachi to a great welcome today. This gives her the title of fastest lady in a region which includes some of the most populous countries of the word viz India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The result of the SAARC Games Women’s 100m sprint event was as follows:

1. Naseem Hameed (Pakistan) 11.81 sec
2. Pramila Priyadarshani (Sri Lanka) 11.93 sec
3. Achala Shalika Dias (Sri Lanka) 12.12 sec

She returned to Pakistan today with hundreds of fans greeting her at the airport. In the following photo Naseem Hameed is seen with her parents on her return to Pakistan.

Dawn reports her talking to press and saying:

“I had forgotten the world for six months and trained really very, very hard under my coach Maqsood Ahmed to achieve this. It is a great moment for me to have brought glory to the country in my event after the poor showing by our national cricket team and especially since our athletics standards have been poor of late. I hope my performance will inspire the young athletes to become professionals.”

I agree with her statement that this is one positive news for Pakistan in sports after the recent cricket debacle.

Photo Credits: Dawn and AP

33 responses to “Naseem Hameed: Fastest Woman in South Asia Comes Home to Karachi”

  1. BILAL AHMAD says:


  2. Aziz says:

    Congratulations!!! This is a proud moment for all of us.

    Owais, see if you can do a write-up on other 2010 SAARC gold medalist from Pakistan also.

  3. Farm Boy! says:

    Ditto Sajid khan.

  4. AJ says:

    I’ve been looking for the video clip of the 100 meters final but can’t find it on youtube. Can ATP management help?

  5. Naveed Salman says:

    Naseem Hameed. You have made us really very proud sister.

    Our head was hanging in shame after ignominous defeat by our cricket team, the nation is in turmoil and there was bad news everywhere. Then came a reason for us smile, and that was you victory.
    Other may have won Gold Medal, but you became the fastest woman of South Asia…and that too with a track suit and not with shorts and top cover. In that sense you are even better then others.
    May you get many many more successes in future. Our prayers are with you.

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