Posted on February 25, 2010
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54 responses to “Lahore from Above: Sights to Behold”

  1. Zubair says:

    I had missed this post earlier for some reason. It is a wonderful collection and I hope there will be more.

  2. Saba says:

    Indeed this is Lahore like I have never seen it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Asad Ahmed says:

    I also did my flying from Lahore flying club in 76-77 and as M S Akhtar says it really brings back some great memories. Lahore is still a paradise except for a few ugly new buildings(eyesores) & diminishing green areas and parks(Doongi ground M M Alam Rd). Thanks to land mafia & unscruplous politician’s support(Chorry Prrvez/Moooonis). Though dangerous and NOT recommended,i also used to do beatups over Ravi,fields canals & during evenings over the KC(favourite spot).I and a friend now dead(Gilgit F-27 crash) were reported and reprimanded(by ATC) one winter evening. This here is some very nice ariel photograps of Lahore.

  4. M S Akhter says:

    I started flying from Walton in March 1968 in AP-AHN. The photos did bring back the memories; but Lahore of yesteryears was a paradise. I used to do beat-ups over the famous river. Last year when I was there, if I wanted to I could have waded acroos the river to Kamran’s Bara-daree. I also visited the bards tomb; a change of guard was taking place and there were at least 200 male and female addicts. The beauty of Lahore is confined within the walls of the rich and afluents. At the end of my visit to my past homeland I even took fotos of rubbish dumps; they also looked beautiful.