Photo Quiz: What is this guy doing?… and Answer Revealed

Posted on March 17, 2010
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Owais Mughal

This photo is from Lahore – taken on March 17, 2010. You can probably search and find this photo on the web but ‘baat to jab hai’ that you try to guess (or tell) what is this guy doing? If ‘what’ is very easy for you to guess then take the next shot on ‘Why’ is he doing ‘what’ he is doing. Answer is now given below.


The quiz photo is a cropped version of following complete photo. It shows a polythelene recycling factory in Lahore. What this guy is doing here is to spread out polythelene sheets to dry them out in the sun. I am not familiar with the processes involved in polythelene recycling, but all of our friends who guess ‘plastics’ in their comments below were correct.

Photo Credits: Chaudhry Ansar at APP

39 responses to “Photo Quiz: What is this guy doing?… and Answer Revealed”

  1. Umer Zubair says:

    @ AZIZ.Thank you .
    Kindly suggest some thing to avert this crisis.
    @JK. Thank you .

    We need to find solutions .

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Answer is now revealed in the post above. Look at the added photo.

  3. Ahsan Javed says:

    He is working with shopping bags, kind of waste bags..i think so..

  4. rehan says:

    @ jk and some others: why protect plants from cold in 10 March in lahore! Also looked like polyester yarn, but i will stick to the plastic bags theory.

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