An 85 Seconds Response to Despondency

Posted on March 20, 2010
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Adil Najam

I arrived back in Pakistan early on Friday and, as always happens, have been enjoying good food and frantic conversation ever since. The food I continue to enjoy. The conversations are increasingly disturbing. The palpable disenchatment, but even more than that a sense of despondency – the “we can do nothing” feeling – gets under your skin. And very quickly.

So, I did what I have done ever since I first stumbled upon this audio rendition back last August. I replayed and heard these 85 seconds of Zakintosh reciting his father’s wonderful poem.

[Audio: fah.mp3]

For the last many months this little poem has provided me with frequent solace. Turning moments of despondency into a needed dose of introspection. I hope it might do so for our readers too.

If you have not heard it before, you must.

If you have heard it before, its certainly worth another listen.

It takes all of 1 minute and 25 seconds, and as we approach Pakistan Day, March 23, it is well worth hearing again. And again.

14 responses to “An 85 Seconds Response to Despondency”

  1. Ahmer says:

    Absolutely beautiful
    Every TV channel should run this every day, many times.
    Every Pakistani needs to listen to this.

  2. Ikramullah says:

    Very powerful. It is so much easier to criticsise others than do something ourselves. This is clear and simple and very very inspiring.

    Simple rule in life: always be very very careful and worried about anyone who keeps telling yo about who your enemy is or who is against you and who is causing the problem. They are usually the ones trying to divert your attention from what you yourself can do by trying to create stories about how all your problems are about someone else. Such people are always the most dangeruous people.

  3. razia says:

    i know he is a persona non-grata on this blog but i find him a great source of hope, as do thousands upon thousands.

    after listening to countless hrs, i find him inspiring. i don’t agree with him on every thing, but admire him for daring to dream. yes, i am talking about zaid hamid.

  4. Naveed says:

    Yes, but what CAN an ordinary person do?

  5. SH Kavi says:

    shikvaa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahiiN behtar thaa
    apne hisse kii ko’ii shammaa jalaate jaate

    Ahmed Faraz.

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