Evernew Studios, Lahore: A Narrated Visit

Posted on December 10, 2010
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Owais Mughal
Raju Jamil recently visited the famous Evernew Studios in Lahore and made the following videos with narration in his own voice. I wanted to share these here because Evernew studios have played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s movie history. The informative and informal commentary that Raju Saheb has put together show his sincere passion for the subject.

7 responses to “Evernew Studios, Lahore: A Narrated Visit”

  1. Very nice effort to make this video.

  2. Ajmal says:

    I looked forward to seeing these but frankly not impressed. Needs serious editing – maybe at Evernew Studios!

    Total should have been about 5 minutes and minus all the schoolboy gawking.

  3. Pakistani says:

    Good effort.

  4. Ayaz Abdal says:

    What an amazing video and contribution from Raju Jamil. The Nawabzada of Loharu is doing a wonderous job of saving some memories for us. Kudos to him

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    I think the video quality is not the best – but then it is not supposed to be a professional film making. Lighting and events were not planned ahead therefore i won’t blame Raju Saheb for that. There is a lot of repetition of words and sentences – but – the passion and should I say ‘aqeedat’ for the place and people who worked here is very evident from Raju saheb’s words. That pure passion for the place alone got me to ignore any technical or verbal shortcomings that may have been in the videos. He was ofcourse not reading out of a written script therefore some repetition of sentences was unavoidable and part of human nature.

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