Innovation Nation: JuGGaaR

Posted on February 12, 2011
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Adil Najam

Necessity may or may not be the mother of invention, but it is clearly the grand-daddy of innovation. This we already knew. Now, we have even more evidence.

Just one question: Is this a permanent solution or does our mystery innovator ride into the sunset on his sturdy Honda 70 (or is it a Yamaha 100) after his pumping is done?

This, I believe, is a perfect picture of a JuGGaaR, a poor man’s innovation and entrepreneurship wrapped in one. If you have a better title, do please suggest one.

11 responses to “Innovation Nation: JuGGaaR”

  1. lawyerjourno says:

    This has been long practiced thing in Indian subcontinent. It amazes even westerners, at one side it shows the survival instinct of the people of this world and at the same time it shows how backward we are!!

  2. tejbir says:

    border ke dono taraf mindset ek sa hi hai…. :)
    i have taken the liberty of sharing this pic on facebook!
    and have given the credit to ATP anyways!

  3. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “Unbelievable! with brains like these why can’t they think and sort out the country’s problems..”
    – “Maybe because we try to solve political problems only with Jugaar!”

  4. Nice photographs. When there is lack of money and resources, some people do innovate. There is no dearth of such talent in Asian countries, but not everyone gets recognition. But why ‘double g’? I think it is ‘jugaaR’.

  5. Daanish says:

    People of our great country are very innovative,the problem is our career politicians who run our country like thier family business and groom thier kids to take our.

    True freedom will be getting rid of career politicians and building strong educational institutions.

    That is one of the reason these politicians never make education their top pririoty.

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