A Child Dreams of Heaven at Sakhi Sarwar

Posted on April 3, 2011
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Adil Najam

For the fifth time in as many days, a bomb ravaged through Pakistan killing innocent Pakistanis. Muslims killing other Muslims they considered less Muslim than themselves. This time the target was the shrine of 13th century Sufi saint Sakhi Sarwar in District Dera Ghazi Khan. This time more than 40 were killed. That number is likely to rise.

This was, once again, a target killing of a Sufi shrine. As so many times before, this time the victims of this heinous murder were devotees at a Sufi Shrine. As so many times before, this time the murder was committed by a mere child (reportedly 15-16 year old and reportedly now in custody amongst the wounded). A child who is himself a victim in so many ways. A child who grew up in displacement and got the idea instilled and cemented into his mind that the short-cut to heaven was to blow other Muslims up!

The tragedy at Sakhi Sarwar was the logical culmination of another tragedy – the indoctrination of hate. Hate kills. Hate killed again today.

Murder was committed at Sakhi Sarwar  today not merely by a boy-murderer dreaming of an easy ticket into heaven. Murder was committed at Sakhi Sarwar today by the purveyors of hate who have sanction from society – sanction given by our tacit silence. Hate kills. Yes. But so does silence. Silence killed again today.

21 responses to “A Child Dreams of Heaven at Sakhi Sarwar”

  1. Altaf says:

    This is a story of child abuse as well as of terrorism

  2. These boys are not educated. They are being misguided by the so called ruling elite.

  3. Omer says:

    The real weapon of teh terrorist taliban is fear that is why they do what they do.

  4. readinglord says:


    “Hate kills. Yes. But so does silence. Silence killed again today.”

    Do you think not enough noise is being raised in condemnation of the killings?

    I think it is the very noise by way of condemnation which they aim at in their heinous crime. Why not start garlanding them as they did in case of Qadri?

  5. shiv kumar says:

    Dear Friends,

    i have read and agree with the points expressed. In fact Muslims have been killing Muslims after they finished killing or converting infidels or imposed jaziya from medieval times.This is nothing new so please dont blame others for the situation but look within.

    In fact in memoirs of Marco polo the venetian traveler details “” Quote””Polo also confirms that Muslim leaders have long relied on Muhammad’s account of a lusty paradise to lure young men into becoming “martyrs.” He recounts how the Shia assassins dedicated their lives to assassinating and terrorizing their opponents simply to enter into “paradise, where every species of sensual gratification should be found, in the society of beautiful nymphs” (p.78). (It is further interesting to note that the assassin leader took into his service men primarily between the ages of 12-20 — are most suited for jihad and martyrdom. This was the situation 800 years ago so what has changed.

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