Mosharraf Zaidi Under the burden of a 60 Minutes exposé on CBS and a blistering, 75-page takedown by adventure writer Jon Krakauer, Greg Mortenson’s phenomenally successful weaving together of fact and fiction has already faced more scrutiny than most pop philanthropy ever receives in its entire shelf life. While opinions about Greg Mortenson have always varied within […]

Everyone Wants to Make a Speech and Be Angry

Posted on November 4, 2010
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Mosharraf Zaidi On October 30, The Indus Entrepreneurs or TIE held a national conference on entrepreneurship whose theme was “Unleashing Change”. Without a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, job creation in Pakistan will stay dormant, while our population and its appetite for consumption goes through the roof. TIECON 2010, as the conference was branded was […]

Beyond Self-Flagellation: We Need Government, Stupid

Posted on August 30, 2010
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Mosharraf Zaidi (This article was first published in The News. The cartoon is by Feica and was published in Dawn.) There is a lot of criticism of the Pakistani discourse that relates to ideology and identity. If you question drone attacks, there are those that will immediately label you a Taliban-supporter. If you question Pakistan’s […]