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<i>dil wale geyseria le jaaeN ge..</i>…the Jet Rickshaw

Posted on January 28, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following photo appeared in Dawn of January 13, 2008. It shows yet another use of rickshaw. After a sudden drop in winter temperature, this guy bought a water heating geyser from Saddar, Karachi and is seen hauling it in the ever-versatile carrier of Pakistan, the rickshaw.

The Jet Rickshaw?

When I first saw the title photo of this post, it reminded me of an episode from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ children series about a jet engine.

That is why I decided to name our Rickshaw as a jet rickshaw in the title. When you see the following video, especially from timeline 1 min 45 sec onwards, you’ll see the resemblance and you will know what I am talking about.

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Groupon rejects Google; Daily-deal site apparently turns down offer as high as $6 billion

Chicago Sun-Times December 4, 2010 | Sandra Guy Chicago daily-deal website Groupon has reportedly rejected a buyout from Google that was believed to be as high as $6 billion.

Bloomberg News quoted an unnamed source on Friday as saying that Groupon’s founders hesitated to go through with the deal.

A Google spokesman declined comment late Friday, and a Groupon spokeswoman could not be reached for comment.

One local tech executive speculated that Groupon leaders might actually see a bigger payout by waiting and going public or getting a bigger offer in the future.

“If they reject a deal with Google, you can be dead sure they see an even bigger payout down the road. Think of Facebook, Twitter and Google. All of them have rejected offers that at the time seemed crazy and now they seem low,” said Matt Moog, founder and CEO of website groupon seattle

While the Chicago tech community excitedly awaited word about a possible sale of the company earlier this week, Groupon announced its own acquisitions and platform expansions: New markets in Asia, a bigger presence in Silicon Valley and the introduction of Groupon Stores, in which businesses create and launch their own deals whenever they want. The site also started the Deal Feed, a Twitter-like feed of deals offered by merchants. The features will let merchants post their deals more quickly, since it can take months for a promotion to be featured as a daily deal on Groupon. in our site groupon seattle

Chicago tech enthusiasts laud Groupon founder Andrew Mason, a 29-year-old Northwestern University graduate known for his off-beat humor, and serial entrepreneurs and investors Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. They are credited with turning what started as a networking site for social causes into a company redefining website advertising. It has grown into a powerhouse with 3,500 employees and 20 million subscribers in 30 countries.

Groupon also has become an important contributor to Chicago arts and cultural organizations, and has given the city its long-sought bona-fides as a technology innovator.

Sandra Guy

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