Posted on June 25, 2006
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4 responses to “Pakistani crowned as ‘Funniest Man in India’”

  1. MB says:

    Seen his perform a little but i have seen few others and they have done a great job.

    The style has shifted from pure comedy to some stupid ways of trying to impress audience but by and large its okay.

    I am searching for some vids on PAKIs in these programs.

  2. MSK says:

    If such things can help us learn coexistance that would be great. There are lots of similarities and we should build on them-this we can do with laughter. But there are lots of differences also and we have to learn to live with them-this we can do with cricket. The point is not to confuse being similar to being the same.

  3. Sandeep Bhasin says:

    I am an Indian and now I am a part of ‘the human face of India and Pakistan’. I saw each one of the Pakistanis competing for the title, from start to finish. There is so much of similarity between our cultures and this can be proved by the way we Indians laughed together with Pakistanis. My parents came from Pakistan after partition and I hated the politics that divided us. Needless to say, I hated Pakistan. But over the last three-four years, things have changed for better. This wouldn’t have been possible without the role that Media played.

    I just hope our politicians are observing these changes and realise that we are one beyond the boundaries!

  4. Altamash Mir says:

    I did read this last week when Rauf Lala came in the finals…Its amazing that he actually won…I would like to get my hands on the entire series…
    Rauf lala has a background in Stage Comedy with Omar Shreef stage dramas like “Bakra Qistoun per” etc.