Pictures of the Day: Vanquished

Posted on July 29, 2006
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Adil Najam

It took England only three days to defeat Pakistan most thoroughly in the second Test Match at Old Trafford.

The injury-ridden Pakistan team collapsed not one, but twice as England wrapped the game by an inning and 120 runs. Final scores: Pakistan (119 and 222); England (461). But injury is really no excuse for the way the Pakistan team simply collapsed both innings. The pitch was bad, but no worse than it was for the English side.

The featured picture (above) shows the English team appealing (successfully) for the dismissal of Inzamam-ul-Haq in teh second innings (he had scored a duck in the first).

I also found this other rather interesting picture of signage in Urdu that was posted on the ground to keep Pakistani fans — who can often become over-enthusiastic — to stay away from the field.

In this case, unfortunately, there was not much to be enthusiastic about for the Pakistani fans.

Photographs from CricInfo.Com.

7 responses to “Pictures of the Day: Vanquished”

  1. hammad says:

    Cricket is getting interesting again. Younas refuses to be captain. And England asks Pakistan to pay for loss for cancelled match and Pakistan refuses to it. I guess these scandals will remain headline news for more time.

  2. Altamash Mir says:

    This was an absolute disgrace…theres not much more to say…

  3. maujkar says:

    I seriously think & agree with Owais
    Get rid of Sami,Imran Farhat and Afridi is long due. We certainly need new blood. Inzi Bhai can’t just turn 60 and then retire?? Any particular reasons for ignoring Mushi?? Lot of youngster are just loosing their taste with cricket and ….its now all football!!

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Time to bring in Mushtaq for test matches only and send Sami and Imran Farhat back. While top line of bowlers is all injured, it is amazing that Pakistan does not have any international standard fast bowler left. With top three bowlers injured, the back up line is left to bowlers like Rao Iftikhar Anjum and Shahid Nazir. All the burden is on a pool of 4 to 5 bowlers only. With so much international cricket being played these days, players are now getting injured in quick successions. Time to build a pool of 10 bowlers and play them in rotation so they can last longer.

  5. MSK says:

    This was a sad performance. And after we had started the series as favourites!

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