Posted on August 21, 2006
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8 responses to “The Gateways of Multan”


    MULTAN is the city os the great preacher .who were kind and pious by in this way they preach the islam .they told how to spend the life according to the order of ALLAH .and they told us how to live in the socity .they told that how to behave with others . i say to the all musilims that you should once visit these sharins and then you can realize how they spend their life in the socity and ,..they were the great people in that time ….

  2. P Bhatia says:

    So nice to see all this info about my ancerstors’ land, Multan! My dad was born here and he keeps telling me stories about spending the first 10 years of his life in this place before thay moved to India after partition. They used to live in Saag Wala Mohalla close to Delhi Darwaza. Does anyone know if Saagwala mohalla is still around? Would love to see some pictures of that place to show my dad. I am glad that I ran into this blog.

  3. shaheer says:

    this page is very good i like to read this