Visit Pakistan Year 2007: What Can We Do?

Posted on January 11, 2007
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Guest Post by Bradistan Calling

The government has decided to celebrate the year 2007 as ‘Visit Pakistan Year.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. It can bring employment, opportunities and recognition. Pakistan is one of the best kept secrets of the tourism industry. Posts on ATP – on our various hidden tourist gems, our history, our culture and heritage, etc. – are examples of all that Pakistan has to offer. Everyone has their own ideas on Pakistan and pakistaniat; but ATP has demonostrated our ‘unity in diversity.’

ATP is the right forum for discussing how we can make “Visit Pakistan 2007” a success.

What avenues can be explored for participation and promotion of Pakistan. How can we attract tourists to Pakistan in 2007 and beyond? What can institutions like the national flag carrier (PIA) do to become a calling card for Pakistani tourism and hospitality? What role can the media play in this? And what can Pakistanis abroad do?

If those Pakistanis who live abroad decide to take ‘Visit Pakistan 2007’ seriously, others will surely follow.

Bradistan Calling is a proud Pakistani in Bradford, West yorkshire (Little Pakistan).

100 responses to “Visit Pakistan Year 2007: What Can We Do?”

  1. Tourism in the time of terrorism?
    Daily Telegraph UK ‘Bicycle Diaries’ in Pakistan ture/the-bicycle-diaries/

  2. Reading Michael Palin in Peshawar,read his Himalaya journeys.

  3. One of Mohsin Hamid’s friends (Dr. A.A) sent me this link. I wish Mohsin and his family all the best in Lahore Pakistan. 3/london-family-pakistan-hope-tolerance

  4. brother Gerry
    I am sure you will have a lovely time in Pakistan.Stay safe and take the local advice of your hosts about where to go and what to do.Lahore, Karachi and Isalamabad should be Ok.

    Pakistanis are among the best hosts in the world.
    Bon-Voyage have a safe journey.

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