Posted on January 16, 2007
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18 responses to “Living in an Indifferent Soceity”

  1. Zainab says:

    Very important issue you have highlighted here. Begging has become almost like an industry now with huge profits for people involved. I pass through Kalima Chowk in Lahore everyday and there are beggars, which you mention in your article, everywhere. How can we allow this to happen and do nothing? We must do something to put pressure on government to arrest these gangs.

  2. NH says:

    According to The Nation Khalid Khawaja, the chief coordinator Human Rights Defence, has been arrested by police. He is accused of posing threat to law and order situation. His crime is raising voice for the families of missing persons in Pakistan.

    “A local court on Saturday granted three-day physical remand of detained former intelligence officer and Chief Coordinator, Defence of Human Rights, Khalid Khawaja.
    Aabpara Police produced Khalid Khawaja before Magistrate Irfan Sheikh amid tight security and stated that the accused had been held for spreading sectarian hatred, posing threat to law and order situation.
    Allowing the three-day physical remand of the accused the court asked investigators to produce him again before the court on February 3.
    Khalid Khawaja’s production before the court also brought to an end the mystery of his disappearance on Friday early morning from outside his G-10/2 residence. The former intelligence officer came to limelight when he took up the case of missing persons and along with their families staged protests outside the Parliament House and Supreme Court.
    The elderly mother and other family members of Khawaja were also present when he was presented before the court.
    Talking to reporters outside the court, Khawaja said he was not deterred by the arrest and would continue to support the cause of humanity. Khawaja said he was innocent and arrested under the pressure of United States of America (USA).
    The FIR against Khalid Khawaja has been registered under sections 188 and 295 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).”

    This country has no justice.

  3. Ahsan Bhatti says:

    There was a breaking news on Aaj tv about the person (Khalid Khwaja I think) who is leading the protest to force government to provide the whereabouts of 443 missing people in Pakistan. As everybody knows, the families of missing persons have long been accusing govt/military of selling them to United States and Afghanistan and Mr Khwaja have been very instumental in raising voice for them. He himself has been picked up by some agency few days ago when he left home for Fajr prayers and has not returned since. Nobody knows where he is and unfortunately he is now the 444th person in that missing persons list.

    Last time when the families of missing persons were protesting, a young man was stripped half naked by police and the picture was published in Dawn and there was a story here too. And now, the lead coordinator has been kidnapped by agencies.

    This is how we treat our citizens when they ask for their legitimate rights. Anybody still wanna protest?