Picture of the Day: WARNING!

Posted on March 1, 2007
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Adil Najam

This very entertaining photograph is of a warning sign posted in the basement of the Summit Minar in Lahore.

Shararti logouN kay leeaye saza ka maaqool intizaam hai.
(Appropriate punishment arrangements are available for the mischevous.)

I wonder what the “saza ka maqool intizaam” actually entails.

A part of me wishes we could institute a similar sign and system for all our ATP friends who regularly and repeatedly ignore this blogs’ comment policies. Maybe we will!

I must confess, their childish antics do sometimes get to me. The blatant disregard for stated policies and the obvious disrespect for others bugs me. But what really bothers me is how much time and energy it saps from those of us who run this site and from the readership. Cleaning up the mess after these displays of shooda baazi, leaves us exhausted. But then, as one reader recently wrote to me, “the urge to act smart and ‘beat the system’ may itself be a component of Pakistaniat.”

Note: I found the photograph at Flickr via MicroPakistan; photo and translation credit to mafimushkala.

22 responses to “Picture of the Day: WARNING!”

  1. Javed Khan says:

    I grew up in Lahore, in late fifties and early sixties. The whole neighborhood took “Care” of us. They loved us, nurtured us and beat the sh.t out of us. I am so very grateful for the treatment I got . If I did the same in New York I would be shot dead before I reached my eighteenth birthday. Oh how I miss those days and my tormentors.

  2. Shadaan says:

    Gen. Pervez Musharraf is doing best to punish the mischeivous people with the support of the criminals, who are safe-guarded under the umbrella of NAB.
    What a mischeif?

  3. Imran Younas says:

    I think its propoganda of Anti Islam people and they want to make our Neat and clean Islam Respectless Badnaam ).
    They will suffer at the end of the day when there will be the only JUDGE ALLAH SUBHAN O TALA.

    SO please my brothers and sisters don’t think anything wrong about islam.
    Its a request……….


  4. Shazad Masih says:

    A clear warning no doubt..:)

  5. mischievous says:

    my spelling is mischievous

    [quote post=”592″]Shararti logouN kay leeaye saza ka maaqool intizaam hai.
    (Appropriate punishment arrangements are available for the mischevous.)[/quote]

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