4 Photos 4 Stories – III

Posted on July 5, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This is part III of our photo story series. Here are the links to earlier photo stories: Part I and Part II

(1) Living Dangerously in Rawalpindi

Photo is from Jan 13, 2007 on a Rawalpindi road. A physically challenged person is taking on life’s challenge head-on. The face expression shows enjoyment. In October 2006, we had also shared a very similar photo from Rawalpindi here.

(2) Where there is a wheel there is a way

Photo is from Islamabad. Taken on July 29, 2005. Photographer is Hanif Khattak.

(3) Choking on Crude Oil in Karachi

This Photo is of a turtle which has choked to death after oil spill from a Greek registered oil tanker MV Tasman Spirit off the coast of Karachi. This oil spill killed wide scale marine life around Karachi beaches in August 2003.

(4) Protesting Price Hike in Islamabad.

The cheeks of this little girl say ‘What should I eat’ and ‘Stop Price Hike’.

16 responses to “4 Photos 4 Stories – III”

  1. Fahad Azem says:

    Hi im Fahad from Sargodha

  2. Mutant says:

    Very Nice Captures!
    A Lesson Should Be Taken From Them!

  3. Sana says:

    Thanks Wasi Love ,

    Shandar! It is great poem by WASI.

    Kash mein tere haath ka kangan hota.



  4. Umar Shah says:

    This gentleman could win a talent show or become a stuntman for hollywood.

  5. Wasi Love says:

    Wasi hum ne pyar kia tha
    Ulfat ka iqrar kia tha

    Amjad rung ik geet likha tha
    usko apna meet likha tha

    Neher kinarey, peepal chao’n
    Un sey yeh izhar kia tha

    Jana bosa lene do
    dast-e-hina chu lene do

    Talab na paiee, mausam badla
    nadi kinara, gum sum pani
    hum se aaj yeh kehta hai

    Wasi kuoon-kar pyar kia tha
    kyoun is ka iqrar kia tha

    By Wasi Shah

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