Posted on July 17, 2007
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16 responses to “Geoff Lawson is the new Pakistan Coach”

  1. Safdar Akbari says:

    I like the views of Moin Khan who said that foreign coach is needed at a more junior level than our national team. I think the reason why Woolmer didn’t fully succeed was because he had little influence over state of things in presence or of half a dozen “super stars”, unprofessional players and an arrogant captain. We need to fix things from bottom-up. If Inzamam-like mentality exists in the team then there is no way this team can become the likes of Australia (I mean I don’t know why he never even tried batting at no.3 when the whole world thought it was needed! – you need to be dynamic in your approach – come’on). Like the way we say after every failure in Pakistan that”is mein Allah ke marzee thee.” If we say this to ourselves after every loss then we won’t get anywhere even with Bob Woolmers or Geoff Lawsons of any game. Look at where we were in Squash, Cricket and Hockey 10 years ago and where we are now. Our player’s basic attitude towards the game need to change – it will fix most of the problems, no matter what game it is.