Posted on August 26, 2007
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20 responses to “7-Habits of Highly Dispensable Political Leaders”

  1. Irfan Mirza says:

    Good article by Mr. Athar Osama. He must write more on the leadership styles of the Pakistani Leaders!

  2. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    Ali Raza: I could not agree more with you. Unless we all agree to put our respective ethnic-linguistic-sectarian identities as our secondary identity, and Pakistan as our first, we are not a one-nation. It is that simple. We have a choice. We could rise above the ethnic & linguistic level and unite as one great nation standing under one flag of Pakistan or we could fall apart as multiple mini-states. Both scenarios are within our grasp.

  3. ali raza says:

    MANAS SHEIKH unless PAKISTANIS drop their ETHNIC cum SECTARIAN identities NO hope

  4. Interesting points made in the article. However, as “YLH” and “Ali Zain” mentioned above, its true that those traits are usually common among all politicians. As a poli sicience student, these are soe of the things that are actually taught in schools in terms of successing in politics. There is a reason its called a “dirty game”, no matter what system or country you live in.

    However, when it comes to leadership and a politican’s use of his office, I would certainly say that its something that his intelligence and accumen will determine how he uses his office. It is only very few who are smart enough to make a tactical decision (even if its a temporary compromise) for a greater cause or for a long-term vision. I think in our system, some did try but most of them were not capable enough to make use of the cards they were dealt. And some just made a complete mess of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that came to them even though they achieved some small results but did not seize the opportunities as they should have been(Musharaf and 9/11, Nawaz and nuclear bomb, Benazir and Army).

    I think we should try to pick smart and intelligent politicans based on their track record and the vision and unfourtunalty on that basis we may not have too many options in our present system.

  5. Leader means visionary personality who can lead others to achieve certain vision…

    I cant find any leader in political dog fight except ZA Bhutto..

    Rest who so ever has been pawns of game rigged by vested intersts.