This is Wrong and Shameful … Police Must Treat People with Dignity

Posted on December 18, 2007
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Owais Mughal

A few days ago I highlighted this wrong, but today after after seeing photos of policemen mercilessly beating an unarmed lady, I am again left speechless at this shameful violence.

We at ATP have long worried about the senselessness of the violence (physical, psychological, verbal, social) that seems to keep growing in our society. All violence is bad, violence by the state is especially disturbing.

We strongly condemn this police brutality. Whoever is ordering such treatment of protesters is definitely taking people away from the ideals of Pakistan. How do you expect this poor lady (or her family or anyone seeing this) to trust the state after getting such a thrashing at the hands of the states law-enforcers? Those who are responsible to safeguard our dignity.

Police reform is the cry of the day. They absolutely need a crash course in human dignity and how to tackle protesters in a civilized way. Mercilessly beating ladies (or on anyone as a matter of fact) is inhuman and not part of our culture, or of any culture. No matter what one thinks about the protesters or what they are protesting, this violence by the police is wrong and shameful. We all must condemn it.

Police or their higherups should see how much anger is building up in people who are not afraid of confronting them with bare hands. This anger needs a channel such as allowing peaceful protest or it will spill out in wrong kind of violence as it probably happened the other day in Multan.

Whether we agree with protesters or not, peaceful protest is their right. Treat humans – all humans, everywhere – with dignity. If we do not, then our own dignity is compromised.

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  1. Annie Syedha says:

    When I think of Z.A.Bhutto , Dr.AbdusSalam , Imran Khan, Abdustaar edhi ,Benazir Bhutto shaheed ,Aitzaz Ahsen ,Ali ahmed kurd .Munir A malik Just.Tariq Mehmood & CJ of Pakistan Iftekhar Ch. .. I start believing .. that Someday , somehow …. We the PAKISTANIS achieve the Munzil….. its still far away & u dont know under how many Millitary rulers & their LOTTAs politician ,& Brutal Police & White dressed Ghondas … we have to Struggle but HAVE A HEART !!!
    Ehde Nou say aaj bhi ehd Ustawar hay !!
    Main abhi Mura Nahi !!!

  2. Gender Equality says:

    I think this shows gender equality in Pakistan is improving, that is same treatment for men and women.
    I remember back in 1991, during a police raid at my university, the police beat the crap out of male stundents, but left the female students alone.
    Folks, this is modernization of Pakistan… welcome to the new millinium.

  3. S.A.Mallal says:

    @ RJ
    You say: “—nobody, I will say it again, nobody is above the law.”
    I say: What about dictator Mushrraf. He thinks that he is not only above the law he is a law giver also by some divine right.

    You say: “—-he [Mushrraf]will go away sooner or later.”
    I say: How? Like Ayub or like Zia. Anyway sooner the better!Amen.

  4. RJ says:

    @Shaji:You are talking some thing that is norm every where. Again try to understand incident like this will be happening all the time every where, so don’t blame the authorities. Second do you think any police in this world allows you to break the laws doesn’t matter how cruel it looks; answer with all due respect is “no”. If I were a women and I start shooting every where; do you think the police in western world (sorry I am bringing western world all the time because some folks in this forum are very obsessed with them and give their references all the time) would first say “Mam would you please drop the arms so we can serve you the coffee”; no God damn it; they will shoot her right in the head. If naive people in Pakistan don’t understand this simple fact, it is their fault, not the fault of authority; because nobody, I will say it again, nobody is above the law.

    I have said it before and say it again, Musharaf good or bad is just a leader and he will go away sooner or later; so instead of bashing him all the time forum like this should take the responsibility of educating people. And you know the first step to do this; is to start bashing our selves; I am ready to point finger on myself before any ruler or politician, do you “hollier than though’s” are?

  5. Shaji says:

    @RJ: Wouldn’t u agree that the support from a higher power gives a bigger set of balls to the law enforcement agencies? Don’t they themselves get swept in their ‘control’ and ‘authority’ that they forget who they’re dealing with? Aren’t they the same people who were sworn in the serve and protect and not abuse a while ago?

    Power corrupts, and Mush/Bush give them this sense of power.

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