Repost: Made in China: Samosa and Paratha

Posted on January 22, 2008
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Owais Mughal

ATP is always searching for tips on good Pakistani food (see here), and as I have a long history with food experiments myself (see here). So here is my new discovery.

On our last trip to buy oriental grocery we were surprised beyond words to find ‘Tsingtao Curry Samosa and ‘Paratha – which taste like authentic Indian’ in a refrigerator.

Both of these items were made in China. We immediately bought both items and I must confess they both tasted very good. Samosa filling was made of Chinese curry and Parathas were puff Parathas. You gotta taste them to believe me.

Today I couldn’t resist and took these photos of ‘made in China’ samosa box to share with all of you.

For those who are really interested in knowing the recipe’ of this Chinese samosa, here are the ingredients which I am faithfully copying from the box:

Cabbage, Wheat Flour, Water, Potato, Mushroom, Onion, Carrot, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce and Curry powder.

I believe there is a big food export business going on between China and South Asia. On a trip to China in 2001, I met a businessman from Mumbai who was manufacturing ‘Chinese dumplings’ in India and exporting them to China.

Now after writing all this I must also state that – with all due respect to China or India – no one can beat the taste of Samosas sold in United Bakery, Karimabad Chowrangi Karachi.

As the poet says:

jo maza chajjoo de chobaaray
O na Balkh na Bukhaaray

The enjoyment that one gets on a native street corner
cannot be found in either Balkh or Bukhara

42 responses to “Repost: Made in China: Samosa and Paratha”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    Salim Saheb, yes Fresco is indeed an authentic name in Samosa making. But more than those ‘Samosas’ I enjoyed your ‘tashbeehat’ of “Mecca of Learning, DJ college and Medina of Medicine, Dow Medical ” :)

  2. NT says:

    Do we know for sure that any or all the ingredients used in these Chinese Samosas and Parathas are certified halal?
    But it was really enjoying to read different comments that did add to my knowledge.

  3. Salim chowdhrey says:

    Owais Sahib, Adil Bhai;
    Ghazab hai! Talk of Samosa and no mention of Fresco on Burns Road Karachi. Every fat cell in my zaeef body today was nourished by the perfect blend of Delhi spices in the potato stuffing and the buttery crispness of hot out of the Karhai samosas at lunch time break from that MECCA of learning Daya Ram Jethmal science college (DJ College) to which I owe in part my hijrat to USA. We would in following years often walk to Fresco from the MEDINA of medicine, Dow Medical College the other part contributing to my hijrat to USA.
    But then it was the 60’s ,Ayub like Musharraf was the King and you were still in the future.
    Warm Regards;

  4. Sufi says:

    is it just me, or does anyone else knows about BabaPak Kay Samosay in Karachi (in Saddar, near the Kachehri I think).

    They have been the best samomas in the world, and we have been their customers for the last 30+ years.

    Besides, I do like United Kings Chicken samosas as well (with Pakwaan covering).

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Hamid Sb, “bun samosa” aah. purani yaaden taaza kar deeN aap ne. except I used to have it in Karachi. But, I belive you that Sir Syed Coll Rawalpindi’s Bun Samosa was as good as anywhere else’s or even better.

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