Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan

Posted on February 15, 2008
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Adil Najam

Aitizaz Ahsan, flaws and all, has become the voice of the moment. The voice of a generation. This voice, which has become my voice and, maybe, yours speaks more passionately in the idiom of poetry than in the idiom of prose. It speaks most passionately in this poem – Kal, Aaj and Kal – that reflects his thoughts on current issues after his recent release.

Listen for yourself. And listen again. It is worth pondering upon. Worth thinking about.

Aik muhazzab quom ko, daikho, khod hum nay badnaam kiya hai

Part II here:

There are so many thoughts, so many lines, so many ideas, so many metaphors here that I would love to comment upon. But poetry is better listened than dissected. So listen, friends. And ponder yourself. Share your thoughts. But even if you choose not to, please, do think.

Note: Thanks to the various readers – 6 and counting – who have alerted me to this.

31 responses to “Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan”

  1. samra33 says:

    aoa its very mice i like that now its time to save pakistan from such evils pakistani utho apni quom ka lia laro quaid_e_azam ki enanat hai isa sambhal ka rakho sudharo or sudhro
    Aitazaz ahsan gi did very exellent job. We have to follow him

  2. Aaishah Abu Bakr says:

    If anybody knows that poem -full- called zaalim dar k bhag raha he, adal k iwwaanon me asli muc=nsif phir ayenge……plz share. I love that poem but kind find it

  3. Mudasser says:

    Blessed are we.. for people like Aitizaz Ahsan are still amongst us to lead us.

    Zulm phir zulm hay barhta hay to mit jaata hay

    Hum zulm mitanay niklay hain
    Aao hamaray saath chalo!

  4. shan bhutto says:

    its nice
    oh iffi

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    This was her’s

    Khalistan was only one of the issues among 9 major
    problemetics coming from BB,
    5 were major financial frauds, corruption, money laundering in /outside the country
    3 were security risk including external agencies,
    1 was denouncing rather
    surrendering Khalistan to India,
    4 other denouncing & sabotaging international aid programs for Pakistan, related to UNO, USA and EU
    3 other similar cases related to Arab Emirates
    1 with Saudis , but they refuted her and threatened her !

    kahan tak suno gay, kahan tak sunaon !!
    Noor jehan Merhooma

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