Posted on March 21, 2008
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15 responses to “Pakistanis Celebrate Eid-Milad-un-Nabi, Good Friday and Holi Today”

  1. someone says:

    Well said, Rafay Kashmiri! We have to keep the flag flying regardless of the seculars and juhalas.

  2. Eidee Man says:

    FIVE holidays and I don’t get a single day off??

  3. S.A. says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for expressing the sentiment of the silent majority of the world who just want to live in peace and with respect. Respect for all. Peace for all.

  4. Absar says:

    Religious harmony is one of the biggest issues of our age everywhere in the world. Too many followers of all religious seem more interested in being angry at other religions than just following the good that is in their own religion. As if religion was some sort of a competition and you have to prove you are better than others!

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Celeberation is how the Juhalas functions to prove
    to the world that they exist, it is indeed a manifestation
    of the absence of Iman, faith, belief, Dharam, atleast a
    very weak one disliked by all the “saints, Wallis, and even
    Prophets “. Today, seculars are so bankrupt, that they have
    only this to display as “the rest” of their “poverty of soul”.

    Hullah Gullah karwao gay kab tak,
    Lao gay kittnay Dewanay abhi aur.

    Manalo tum sub apnay “Tehwaar”
    Banalo tum apni aik janat aur.

    Karlo tum Islam-kushi apnay taur
    pakar jab hogi to chil’lao gay tum.

    Hisab dogay tum, aur tumhari naslain bhi
    Ghulami kar chukay ho,aur karogay naslon tak