Posted on October 7, 2008
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77 responses to “1 US Dollar ~ 80 Pakistani Rupees”

  1. Lakshay dhiman says:

    hi paki frnds,
    I m an indian or hamari currency value apki currency se kafi zyada strong h,
    1US $= 46 INDIAN RUPEES(&still getting stronger) it is because we r one of the strongst economy in asia after china.,
    So bhai jaan lage rho…
    Allah mafi deve tum logon ko.

  2. Jeddy says:

    Businessmen and everyone else save their income in international banks in different currencies, not in Pakistani rupees – so there is really no way of telling how much money is earning from trade. Businessman however will never save foreign currency in Pakistan ever again.
    No one can open a new account in any Pakistani bank is a problem. The State Bank of Pakistan requires ‘Documented Proof of |Income’. A person suddenly inherits a large sum of money, how will he save that money if the private bank will not allow him to have an account prior to that?