Ultimate Lollywood (1): Tu Turu Turu Tara Tara

Posted on March 29, 2009
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Adil Najam

My own fascination for Pakistani cinema – especially Maulla Jatt, Waheed Murad and Ahmad Rushdie – is well documented at ATP. The two songs I bring you this weekend are not the types that I would usually gravitate to (even though one of them features Waheed Murad).

Personally, I would still go with Ko Ko Korina (or is is Co Co Corina?) any day, but finding these two songs on YouTube brought a big smile on my face. In some ways they represent something quintessentially Lollywood.

This first song (above), “Tu Turu Turu Tara Tara” was a massive “super-hit” of its time and propelled singer Naheed Akhtar to the height of her career. It was never my favorite song but the melody is catchy and tends to sticks with you.

I had actually never seen the movie and did not know it featured Waheed Murad. I am still wondering what storyline would have brought the sombre looking Waheed Murad in his shairana outfit to the gyrations of Mumtaz flicking her locks and jumping around seemingly oblivious of her partner’s pensive mood.

The second song, I think, is even more Lollywood (as if that were possible). It features Nadeem and Shabnum, the great duo of their time. Neither was known for their dancing talents; and one can see why. But one can also see why they were such a popular pair. Also starring is the incomparable (literally) Rangeela. Nadeem sings himself, Rangeela does not (although he was actually a good singer); Ahmad Rushdie sings for him.

Don’t miss Rangeela’s entry into the song. But, the key is the setting – a party of some sort where lead actors sing and dance while everyone else sits silently, claps and sips Coke – as natural a setting for Lollywood as it was an unnatural a reality for Pakistan. But that is what makes this special. This scene is as quintessentially Lollywood for this era as a poor hero growing up in slums but knowing how to play a grand piano was to another era. Maybe that is what makes it so much fun to watch today. Ultimately, it is the song itself – another catchy melody that sticks with you – that made this a great radio favorite then and still memorable today.

13 responses to “Ultimate Lollywood (1): Tu Turu Turu Tara Tara

  1. Babar says:

    Really classic stuff here. Thank you for posting. Yes, ultimate Lollywood, indeed.

  2. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Nice finds….def. lollywood…I remember a bunch of Pakistani and Indian movies from my father’s collection that had strikingly similar lounge set ups.
    I am hearing the second song for the first time and though I cannot point to exact songs, it seems to be a curious mix of rhythms from 2-3 other songs (could even be from India). I feel like I have heard the music (when Rangila enters) at some latin dance clubs in the US.

  3. USMAN says:

    Recent tragic events made me miss this one.

    But what a great selection of songs. Nostalgic and funny too.

    Thank you for posting these.

  4. Haroon says:

    Love the selection. Made my day.

    You know what is MOST Lollywood in this – in the second song, it is the look on the faces of all the extras sitting around… priceless.

  5. Pure Indian says:

    It is articles like this that makes PAKISTANIAT so special.

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