ATP Quiz: Who are These Celebrities?

Posted on April 29, 2009
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Bradistan Calling

Answers are revealed below the photos:


From L to R and top to bottom are

1. Muslim Female Comedian/Media personality Shazia Mirza
2. Novelist / play Wright/ Film Writer- Hanif Kureishi
3. Human Rights Lawyer UK/Europre –Imran Khan
4. Member of Parliament Denmark Dr. Kamal Qureshi
5. British Rock Musician Propa-gandi also known as Aki Nawaz
6. Hollywood-British Pakistani Actor Art Malik

9 responses to “ATP Quiz: Who are These Celebrities?”

  1. BRADISTAN says:


  2. dilnawaz says:

    Clue: The gentleman number 4 is a member of parliament in a Northern European country.
    his political affiliation is Socialist Peoples Party, no not the Pakistani Peoples Party

  3. BRADISTAN says:

    clue: number 2, 4,and 5 have similar surname and think POLITICS & EUROPE??

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