Enemies of Pakistan Strike Again. 49 Pakistanis Die.

Posted on October 9, 2009
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

(Readers Beware: This post includes gruesome pictures of murdered Pakistanis, the weak of nerves are warned).

When will this madness stop?

Look at the photo below and tell us your blood does not boil at this murder of Pakistanis. If you are a parent, like we are, you too will scream out in pain. Even if you are not, you cannot be human without seeing this and crying out in pain. Maybe, even in anger.

Forty-nine more Pakistanis died today at the hands of Pakistan’s enemies. And 100 more were injured. All this in an explosion in Peshawar’s busy Soekarno chowk today.

When will this madness stop?

What can one write? What can one say? How do you type out a scream? How do you express that piercing pain in the gut of your stomach, in the depth of your heart?

When will this madness stop?

34 responses to “Enemies of Pakistan Strike Again. 49 Pakistanis Die.”

  1. Ted says:

    Is there a place that keeps a running tally of how many Pakistanis are being killed in these attacks. I am looking for how many this year?

  2. Yasir says:

    The responsibility for these murders of Pakistanis lies not just with teh Taliban who did this, but with everyone who has directly or indirectly supported these butchers.

  3. E A Poe says:

    When we nurture vipers on our breast, we can expect to get bitten in the end.

    We create the Taliban by allowing religion to drive the state.

    We nurture the Taliban by sending our boys to be brainwashed in their madrassas.

    Until we close down the madrassas, silence the mullahs, and open secular schools for all our children, we are doomed to terror and violence.

    The apologists for these murderers who post here, are the harbingers of the nuclear cloud that is on the horizon, unless Pakistan finally faces up to the real causes of the problems besetting our land.

  4. Bushra says:

    These are really very very scary pictures. I am horrified.

    My first thought was to write that you should not put them up. But on second thoughts, you really should. We all need to be horrified by what these terrorists are doing to Pakistanis.

  5. Istherenohope says:

    Rainbow 22:
    Taliban are just that “Taliban” there is no fake or real….for you to even distinguish them as real or fake is highly insulting to people who have died at there hand. If nothing have some respect for those who have died at hands of these animals and save your conspiracy theory. I dont know what more it will take for people like you to come out of their self induced coma and realize that your house is burning and you are standing on top putting more gasoline on it. WAKE UP and try to have some respect for human life

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