Series of Blasts in Karachi follow Islamabad’s Attack: Enough… Violence Must Stop Now!

Posted on July 7, 2008
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

Following yesterday’s murderous attack on Islamabad, Karachi has been rocked today by a series of blasts (seven reported till now).

Bomb blasts in KarachiBomb blasts in KarachiBomb blasts in IslamabadBomb blasts in Islamabad

According to The News:

One person was killed and 50 others injured in a series of 6 blasts that ripped through different areas of the busiest city of country on Monday. Two explosions occurred here in Banaras area. One of the blasts happened in a pile of garbage while the other one at a footpath near Banaras chowk, injuring 16 people. They were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, sources said. Enraged people took the streets and started pelting stones at moving vehicles.

The third explosion ripped through a mini truck in North Nazimabad area of Shahra-e-Noor Jehan near Sohail mosque. Five persons were injured, police sources said. However, Chhipa sources said 8 persons were taken to hospital. There are reports of the fourth blast in Hyderi area near a children’s school. Police mobiles have reached the blasts’s sites while ambulances are shifting the injured to local hospitals. The fifth blast occurred here in a motor cycle in Qasba colony area, killing one person.

A policeman was injured in the sixth blast in a bicycle in Manghopir. Two blasts also occurred in Pak colony in which 7 persons are reported injured. Police has not come up with any statement confirming the above blasts. Police and Rangers have been put on high alert in the city following the series of blasts.

How long will these murderous attacks on innocent Pakistanis continue? There can be no excuse for them. No justifications. No bahana-baazi. These terrorist acts are calculated moves to purposely spread fear and terror. These are clearly a war on Pakistan. A war on Pakistanis. A war on human decency.

Yesterday, after Islamabad’s blast we had written about a friend who survived the ghastly and cowardly attack on innocent people and had written this in an email (to Owais):

Today my belief in Allah’s power and what we call qismat(fate) was re-enforced. One of the things I learned while in overseas (i.e. to stop when a traffic police man tells me to stop) literally saved my life.I was on the other side of the road trying to make a uturn when the suicide bomber hit the policemen in Melody chowk today. If I had not stopped because a traffic policeman signaled me to stop and tell me that I cant make a U-turn, I would literally have been less the 5 feet from the suicide bomber. Luckily I stopped and being on the other side of the double road it placed a distance of around 20 feet between my car and the bomber. Somehow I was lucky enough to only have minor cuts and bruises while some really sharp pieces of metal landed inside my car and completely missed me.

It was one of the most un-nerving experience of my life since Ojhri Camp and also one of the saddest. I would really hope such events would stop in our country and as I fail to see what they achieve except for killing many innocent.

Our friend was extra lucky but for how long will Pakistanis continue to pickup ‘laashe’ of their unlucky loved ones?

This madness, brutality and violence must stop NOW !

Reference: Detailed news of Islamabad’s tragedy here.

60 responses to “Series of Blasts in Karachi follow Islamabad’s Attack: Enough… Violence Must Stop Now!”

  1. Jason says:

    I am a European and I fear for the future of the world. But then I read sentiments like your and they give me hope that humanity and goodwill are still alive. Beautiful words.

  2. ShahidnUSA says:

    Pakistanis are the most sweetest and colourful people in the world. They have been through many tough times and there are tough times ahead.Its temporarily taking away their gloss and shine. But they know that even muslims prophets had go to through tough times in life. And they stayed strong and hopeful.
    They will rebloom again, afterall you all know how a carbon turns into a diamond or what sand do to a pearl.

  3. Aisha says:

    One Pakistan ji:

    I am certainly not putting all the blame for chaos and violence in Pakistan on the Taliban…I believe I sighted a few but not all the “reasons” for the violence and suggested changes that might help reduce the violence. The only reason I mentioned the Taliban at all was in defense for another poster who thought Taliban et al were responsible for the destabilization of Pakistan. Apparently, some didn’t like the post and felt the need to come to the Taliban’s defense. That is when I felt compelled to say something about the Taliban.

    I don’t have to prove everything I say nor do I think that readers need to have the forum over flowing with drawn out “debates” and off site links in attempt to educate those that feel/think/perceive things differently. People will always disagree…I accept the differences of opinion and move on. But, since you asked…numerous documents can be found on the United Nations & the Human rights watch sites etc in regard to the Taliban’s treatment of women in particular. and on

    And to whom asked, No, I do not believe that Musharraf represents Islam or Pakistani people although there was a time when I did believe he was good for Pakistan. When I research I choose to gather information from world sources “not only” from local papers or television as Propoganda is alive and well all over the world.

  4. HazerBaba says:

    Aisha Baji,

    Kia baat bolee hai aap nai, bja farmaya aap nai.

    Taliban thoree, balkey Musharraf represent karta hai sahee Islam ko.

    Balkey Zardari kartaa hai represent…

    Balkey Rehman Malik karta hai….

    Balkey Altaf Hussain kartaa hai represent sahee Islam…

    Balkey Sheikh Rasheed karta hai

    Har aik nai apnaa apnaa Islam Eijad karliaa hai, abb hamain sahee islam dhondhney kai liey MTV dekhna parega….Top 10 main aeygaa to ham bolaingey kah haan yai Islam hai.

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Bulleh Shah,

    Kiun kartay ho, apnay hathon apni matti palid,
    sotaiy raho lehad mein, bohteray hein tawalid

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