Posted on December 20, 2009
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14 responses to “Wedding Season Hits Pakistan”

  1. Eraj Danish says:

    @yaqoob. But it is something that we should discuss. We all saw how extremists tried to ignite the war between sects in the Karachi blast and millions of dollars Pakistan lost. If we don’t discuss on this how will we get out of this deep hole.

  2. put all this money in the tribal areas. Give the people there some food and they would not be attracted towards the Taliban this easily. It is unbelievable how some rich elite are asleep hoping extremism would not hit them anytime soon.`

  3. Eraj Danish says:

    Some times it is painful to see that the Pakistan army is fighting the war on terror but some people in the society do not seem to care. They are just partying like there is no war going on. I think we all need to support the army in its efforts rather than turning faces from reality that our country is at war.

  4. Hira Mir says:

    I find this ridiculous that when our country is in a state of war we are spending so much money on these kind of flashing events. I think we all need to pause and think of what we are doing to our our homeland before it is too late.