Posted on March 14, 2010
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13 responses to “Limited Time Offers by Cell Phone Companies”

  1. Adil Syed says:

    Mobile companies offer that type of packages to fool their innocent customers. These packages are used to get more money from the pockets of the customers. Ads of these packages heavily focus on the price (price without taxes) which is also a fraud. These companies must mention the total cost of the packages in their ads.

    Most importantly no business can survive without customers. But they exploit us freely. So If you want to save your money then use this formula before using any package:

    Actual price+Govt taxes (hidden charges)=Total price paid by you

  2. This is all fraud, all the mobile companies in Pakistan are just sucking the blood of people.

  3. Raheel says:

    PTA should perform the role of ‘god father’ when it comes to the rights of mobile phone users & Telecom Operators but unfortunately PTA has slumbered for ages. Good to see, PTA awakening.