A Welcome Cricket Victory in England

Posted on August 21, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Pakistan has won the 3rd test match of current cricket series versus England by 4 wickets at the Oval, London.

When Pakistan seems to be surrounded in a recent spate of bad news like Sialkot lynchings, historic floods, a plane crash and rioting cities, today’s cricket victory comes as the much needed respite for a nation looking for any good news.

I also want to make a statement here- and I will take opposing views from our readers on it – the bowlers seem to be winning the matches for Pakistan while batsmen are doing their worst. The last test match that Pakistan won against Australia, Pakistan lost 7 wickets in reaching the target of 180 and today they lost 6 wickets in reaching 148. This has brought lots of nervous moments and high blood pressure to the team’s fans.

Today’s victory brings Salman Butt‘s win percentage as a captain to 50%. Pakistan has now won 2 tests and lost two in 4 matches played under his captaincy. Salman’s batting however, has clearly suffered under the burden of captaincy. As a captain he has managed to score only 134 runs in the last 8 innings (Ave 16.75) while his overall average is 30.62. Today’s 48 runs innings is his highest score as a captain so far. But I’ll also say this. If Salman can keep the team united then he may have done his job right. It probably takes lots of leadership qualities to keep Yousuf, Shoaib (who didn’t play this match) and Akmals in the same team and make them play as a united front. Clearly the previous three captains failed here while Salman has produced 50% win result.

Another good point from the current test match was Wahab Riaz‘s bowling performance (63/5 and 40/1). It now gives Pakistan a depth of choosing from 4 medium pacers in near future: Aamir, Asif, Wahab and Gul (currently injured). Saeed Ajmal‘s bowling performance (32/1 and 71/4) has been consistent to very good. He may now have replaced Danish Kaneria for good.

Azhar Ali‘s 92 not out in the first innings deserves special praise too. My personal view is that new comers in the team seem to play with more ‘jazba’ as compared to seniors – who become relaxed due to their seniority or because of guaranteed place in the team. Zulqarnain Haider‘s performance as a fighting wicket keeper batsman in the 2nd test match (88 runs on debut) is also a point I want to make in support of my statement.

And Now Some Statistics:

The over-all test match record between Pakistan and England now stands as such. Total test matches played between the countries is 70. Pakistan has now won 13 (18.6%) matches and England has won 21 (30%) matches. In the latest ICC test rankings, Pakistan still lingers at a distant number 6 slot, which by the way is one below England.

Overall this was Pakistan’s 106th test match victory in 351 matches which gives an overall win percentage of 30.2%. Pakistas has lost 98 matches and drew 147.

Full score card of the match can be viewed here.

This victory may be small on statistics but lingers large on national psychology and pride. All in all a welcome win from Pakistan’s point of view.

18 responses to “A Welcome Cricket Victory in England”

  1. Hi there!

    I really like you blog, for me it`s one of the best in Pakistan :)

    I would like to request you some post about that real tragedy which took place in Sialkot…Your blog is influential and can reach many people, plus, I would like to know your opinion about that horrific barbaric assassination!

    Thanx in advance

    Mishal Zohaib, from Brazil

  2. Adnan says:

    Owais,you mean 88% of the nation was ‘dying’ for THIS good news because 12% are displaced and suffering.

  3. Vinnie says:

    O Well Done Pakistan !! Great !!

  4. KK says:

    It will take some time to bring the Sialkot perpetrators to justice. When things start to cool down is when it would be time to raise the issue here. Everyone is talking about it. When few or no one is talking about it and the killers still roam free may be a better time to raise the issue here. Or now and every week until it is resolved.

  5. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Shoaib Malik does not warrant a place in the test team. Fawad Alam has been overlooked for unknown reasons. Recall Younis. If Pakistan fielded their best team from test 1 and if Shoaib Malik and Akmal brothers were not playing politics as they have until recently, the team would have fared much better. They gave 4 tests to Umer Amin who hardly played a single proper confident cricketing shot in 8 innings.

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