JiJi Zarina Baloch Sings of Sassi-Punnu and Bhambhore

Posted on November 7, 2010
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Adil Najam

I have been mesmerized by this voice, this music and this song. I listen to it again and again, and I think you will too. Even in the simplicity of her presentation, Jiji Zarina Baloch is a captivating voice and captivating presence.

I should confess that even as my head bops with the music, I try to make out the words. Unfortunately my Sindhi is not what it should be, so I struggle. I hope some readers might be able to fill in the words and explain their meaning in entirety (I had requested the same earlier on this other, the greatest, folk anthem of all). I can understand that the song is about Bhambhore – and, of course, that means it is a tale of Sassi and Punno (how I wish our friend MQ was still writing on folk tales!) the most famous manifestations of that ancient city. I assume from the ‘peren pawandi sa‘ that it may be sung in the voice of Sassi, but I may be wrong on this. But other references to Punnal make me think that may be the case. Of course, the references to Shah Lateef also perks up one’s attention and I would love to figure out the context in which they are made. But the most important think that I hope someone can help me with is to highlight the content of Bhambhore in the song. I realize, of course, that Bhambhore is the setting of the tale of Sassi and Punno, but in what context does the song invoke it?

I hope I may get some responses on the above. But even if I do not, I hope you will love this song – just for the song’s sake – as much as I did. And if you do, you may also want to review these classics by Khamisu Khan, by Faiz Baluch, by Abida Parveen, by Alam Lohar, by Tufail Niazi, by Atta Ullah Niazi, by Reshma, and by the other gems that we have had the pleasure of featuring on this blog.

15 responses to “JiJi Zarina Baloch Sings of Sassi-Punnu and Bhambhore”

  1. Shabbir says:

    Great song selection. You, sir, are a true Pakistani through and through.

    The song is in the words of Sassi who is begging to Punnu’s evil brothers (on their feet, paer parna) to release her beloved prince back to her.

  2. malik Ali says:

    Bhai, Bhimbhore is special because of Mohd bin Qassim, not because of some silly love story made up of lies!

  3. YASIN says:

    Wah. Excellent selection. Real Pakistaniat.

  4. shoaib says:

    Adil pai Jaan, you get mesmerized very easily :-).

    You are sleepy , very sleep. Now mail me your wallet :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing such a sweet voice. Nice post.

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