Posted on November 25, 2010
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24 responses to “Asian Golds for Pakistan in Hockey and Squash”

  1. Sarosha Bhadha says:

    The performance of Pakistan at the Asian Games has really given us a reason to be proud of the Green & White =)
    We need to always support Pakistan. In this regard Coke has taken up a brilliant initiative ! I am supporting Pakistan .. Are you ?

  2. davisparker says:

    Pak is a good country and i really salute pak hockey team for best play. I think this the world’s best team and may be the champion. With like this play.
    Nice Pics..

  3. Congratulations to Pakistan Hockey and Squash team. At least this will bring some smile on the faces of Pakistanis who are really unhappy with the Pakistan Cricket Team.

  4. ali b says:

    Congratulations to Pakistan for winning the gold medal in Hockey and Squash.It may be a good idea to continue with this team until the next Olympics provided they are fit. New experiments have failed in the past.The Scandinavian Hockey coach seems to have played his part well like the Pakistani coaches have groomed the Afghan cricketer’s well.
    More emphasis and encouragement should also be given to Squash in order to get back to the glory days of the past.