ATP Quiz: What Happened to These Trees?

Posted on April 7, 2011
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What do you think happened to these trees? And do you know where in Pakistan this happened? (Hint: No, it was not an Umreekan or Sahooni sazish!)

I suspect some of you have seen these pictures already and know. But even if some do, maybe others would also be interested in finding out.  Wanna guess?

25 responses to “ATP Quiz: What Happened to These Trees?”

  1. Kaiser Asim says:

    We have been uncaring to our environment and that will only increase our troubles.

  2. NIDA says:

    As Whole Land is wet and mostly submerged in water … so spiders find their safe heaven on trees actually its a God Gift for in sense that Stagnant Water is now home Mosquitoes and to counter that these Spiders Nets are helping to eliminate mosquitoes…what u think guys?

  3. maskeenel says:

    I have seen this in Punjab very aften and the trees which were involved in this kind of display were kekar or acasia trees. I could be wrong but I am sure this is in Punjab.

  4. papji says:

    Same thing that happened to Pakistan. got entangled in a web.

  5. Imran Nasrullah MS JD says:

    It looks like gypsy moth caterpillar nests gone wild. Though I am not sure they are found in Pk.

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