Picture of the Day: Neighborly greetings

Posted on August 7, 2006
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Adil Najam

This picture was taken in Karachi earlier today (7 August, 2006) by atrophying and posted on Flickr.com.

Even if its was done inadvertently, I find it a very timely and appropriate billboard. Especially at this precarious time in India-Pakistan relations – note the silliness of recalled diplomats – when extremists on both sides seem to be succeeding in scuttling what had been a reasonably good process of rebuilding confidence.

Anyhow, my dear subcontinentals, please hold your sun-baked passions and enjoy the picture. Whether it was intended as such or not, I will take this as a neighborly greeting from one neighbor to another.

On behalf of all us Pakistanis, I thank you dear Amitabh. And I wish you, and all Indians everywhere, a wonderful Independence Day of your own on August 15.

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  1. jyoti says:

    adnaan ji,
    Thanks for your greetings. You might be surprised to know that there are millions of “jyotis” amd amit in India:) Just keep visting Indian sites (ibnlive, rediff) and you will have a good idea how india lives (including Inian Hindus, Indian Muslims:):)

  2. Ms.Jyoti accept my greetings on behalf of Pakistan on your Big day today.

    …but we are surprised that President Musharrf should talk about this in his Independence speech.

    I agree with you.The president’s response was as childish as that BJP leader and he should have rather ignored it.He might made him a big figure here or there as well.Anyway majority didnt take both guys seriously.

    Jyoti I respect your kind views but there is also fact that there are very few *jyotis* and Amit Verma of Indiauncut on both sides of the border

  3. Jyoti, thanks for your greetings. The good news is that no one except a coupel of sensationalist newssheets and some bloggers are taking this billboard thing seriously. Most people do not even know about it. The real funny stuff are on teh discussion boards where the angry crowd lives. If you go to those – on both sides (I went to a Pakistani one and then an Indian one) – and read their comments you would think there is a war going on about this silly billboard. The rest of the world, rest of India and rest of Pakistan goes along with life… occasionally stopping to laugh at these pathetic souls for whom a billboard is the thing to fight about. And politicians you can do very little about. You are right, it is sad that the headline from the main speech on Independence Day in both countries was to talk about the other country. Proves that when things go wrong at home it is always easy to point finger someone else.

  4. Jyoti says:

    Adil ji, thanks for your Independence day greetings to Indians. We wish the same to our Pakistani friends. I agree with Candian that Pakistani youth should spend their time thinking about how to take their country forward. We, in India are surprised that such small matters like AB on abillboard could start such lengthy discussions in Pakistan. I still remeber watching “Bakar Kishto par” and “ankahee” on video again and agin with my family and friends. You may still find some cable guy showing “bakra” in some Indian city. It was (and still is) a huge hit in India.We loved Pakistani serials in 80’s and used to watch all those video taped serials in our homes. Actually, we Indians are almost indifferent to Pakistan. We are too busy with our own lives, jobs, making money, learning IT tricks to think about Pakistan. Please don’t go by what some small time BJP leader says about attacking Pakistan. Not even his own party takes him seriously but we are surprised that President Musharrf should talk about this in his Independence speech. We think taht the Pakistani President should tell his country what he is doing for youth, about their education, about giving them jobs, about setting up new industries in Pakistan. We Indians would prefer that Pakistan prospers, its people get good education, have good lives and enjoy themselves. Because then only we in India can get rid of politicians creating troubles in both the countries and utilise our money in development projects, dedicate our whole time for progressing ahead, work for better lives and enjoy.

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