Posted on September 10, 2006
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4 responses to “National Stadium Karachi: My Debut”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    As I had mentioned about the similarity of Tauseef and Lionel Richie in this blog, Tauseef himself has talked about this look-alike connection in a cricinfo interview. See here:  /525835.html

  2. Rabia Bashir says:

    Tauseef Ahmed reminds me of Bushra Ansari’s famous parody (I hope this is correct):

    “Aik chakey ke Javed to kai laakh milay gain
    Tauseef becharey ko dhirum aath miley gain”

    (One sixer will bring many lacs to Javed
    Poor Tauseef will be given a few Darhams)

  3. Daktar says:

    Tuaseef did look like Lionel Richie and would often get teased for that. I think the prgram Fifty-Fifty might also have done a skit on him in that context?

  4. Bilal Zuberi says:

    You have brought up many memories. Tauseef and Qadir: what wonderful spin attack they presented. And ths is after the days of Iqbal Qasim.
    I am reminded of an India-Pakistan one-dayer which I saw from the student section. MQM flags dominated the scene (more than the Pakistani flags) and then some people started throwing tomatoes at the Indian fielders close to the specators. It didn’t take long for pandemonium to break out, and police came back in full riot gear and tear gas shells. That was the modus operandi of the police back then (esp with the MQM crowd). I was still pretty young then, but learnt first hand how to use a wet cloth to hold the tear gas shell and throw it back at the police. We ran out, our eyes itching and watery.
    Anyways…that was just one bad experience. I have had many fun days at the stadium. The place continues to serve many uses, including weddings etc. I am told now the annual Aalmee Mushaairaa also takes place inside the stadium.