Posted on September 11, 2006
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91 responses to “Remembering 9.11.1948”

  1. Tariq Ahmed says:

    I have gone through the discussion between Saima Nasir and Adnan Siddiqui… I, am a profesional Lawyer… and i would observe the above discussion be a futile now… beside that I do fully support the claims and allegations of Saima Nasir, she is true while saying that Mr. Jinnah is fond of eating PORK & DRINK, because this is undeniable history and its also true that such publications are banned in our country. Secondly Adnan Siddiqui is denfending a historical truth unnecessarily….in my humble opinion we should stop this discussion now and for ever.. the person accused is no more with us to reply allegations against him…we have to avoid making allegations in public (may be true) but which can cause to create unrest among the massess….Thanks & regards–Tariq Ahmed