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Posted on December 20, 2006
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Owais Mughal 

Click on the Urdu text below to see larger image size. Approximate English translation is given under the Urdu text.

(1) Shujat Lovers Wing established

According to the Nawa-i-Waqt, supporters of the King Maker politician, Chaudhry Shujat Hussain have created an organization called the Shujat Lovers Wing in Spain. The chief organizer of Shujat Lovers Wing is touring France these days. Talking to Nawa-i-Waqt correspondent, he said the main aim of forming Shujat Lovers Wing is to unite the community and tie them into a single string of LOVE.

(2) Ishq khana kharaab


According to the Nawa-i-Waqt, the song titled as: ‘ishq khana khrab’ (damned love) of the movie: ‘taRap’ (yearnings) has become talk of the town. The young generation seems to be reciting the wordings of this song everywhere these days.

(3) Sports and Cattle Show Report from Iqbal Town

The above news is from the daily Jang. Town and Municipal Administration of Iqbal Town, Faisalabad is arranging a bi-annual Sports and Cattle show.  Provi ncial Minister for Literacy and Sports will be the guest of honor. Among other VIPs invited for the show include Chairman Market Committee Mr. Asghar bhola Gujjar.

Some of the events that will take place in the show include; Pulling a car with one’s moustaches and dog fight. I wonder where are the officials of Department for Stopping of Cruelty against Animals (mehakma bara-i-insadaad-e-bay-rehmi-e-haiwanaat).

During the show there will be a beauty contest to choose the most beautiful cow and the most handsome bull.

There will also be a contest held between the most milk producing cows and buffaloes.


8 responses to “Hot off the Urdu Press – 5”

  1. MQ says:

    Probably Shujaat Hussain or his “lovers” do not know what exactly the word lover means in English. They are using it in the sense of “chahnay walay” I think Shujaat’s adviser and deputy (the other Hussain) should advise Shujaat that in the Islamic Republic he is not allowed to have lovers.

  2. Sohaib says:

    While the Shujaat one appears quite nonsensical, the other news story is pretty normal. It is a matter of pride for a Punjabi man if his cow looks good and gives more milk than yours. :D

  3. Asma says:

    Oh my god … I didnt knew now Shujaat Hussain’slover wing is also in form … hhehehe … nice catch …!!

    And yah havent ever heard of tarap or babrak … or this song … I wonder who are those young souls, singing and listening to this song :)

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