Kaanch: A Tele-Movie from Pakistan

Posted on June 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

ATP has always been fascinated by Pakistani cinema. Both old (here, here, here, etc.) and new (here, here, here, etc.).

So hearing about the new telefilm called ‘Kaanch‘ was of interest.

The PR blurb about the movie says:

KaaNCH is a story of a Pakistani who came to London for his studies. The fast paced life of UK engulfs Sami (Adeel Suhrwardy) and he becomes a distant memory for his family in Pakistan. Certain events take Sami back to his homeland, where he finds his brother, Rakay (Khurram Suhrwardy) in the midst of an assassination attempt. KaaNCH is about ‘rediscovering yourself’.

It is being released by Geo TV today (June 17, 9PM Pakistan Time) and available online here. It is directed by Khurram Suhrwardy and written by Adeel Suhrwardy. The two brothers are also the lead actors in the film.

I should confess that I have not seen the movie, but the trailer (below) makes me want to see it, although thrillers are not really my genre (I am much more of a Waheed Murad kind of guy!).

Kaanch – Pakistani Movie Trailer

Karachi Metroblog has carried two stories on the movie (here and here), but they were also more by way of announcing what was coming (like this story). Like them, I wil also await reviews from those who actually get to see it.

28 responses to “Kaanch: A Tele-Movie from Pakistan”

  1. hmm
    seems like a good movie.
    I am thinking to watch it on sb online store.

  2. Hafeez says:

    what a movie …

  3. ShahidS says:

    Atif Abdul rehman. I almost died laughing after reading your remarks in Urdu Why so much violence and guns? totally unnecessary. I like ur sense of humor. Anyway I blame “Sultan rahi” and Anjuman for the fall of our Industry and the directors and producers who picked and directed them and the stories, Who would forget the famous “yeh sdhadi nahi ho sagdi”.Anyway the other day I was watching the vcd braught from Pakistan of Baharo phool barsao” Of waheed Murad. I really enjoyed it. I miss waheed mured he was very creative .Its a shame he died.

  4. FARWA says:

    when the next film comingg????????? waiting 4 it

  5. FARWA says:

    oh uy tele filmm was greatttt one waitin 4 nextt

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