Kaanch: A Tele-Movie from Pakistan

Posted on June 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

ATP has always been fascinated by Pakistani cinema. Both old (here, here, here, etc.) and new (here, here, here, etc.).

So hearing about the new telefilm called ‘Kaanch‘ was of interest.

The PR blurb about the movie says:

KaaNCH is a story of a Pakistani who came to London for his studies. The fast paced life of UK engulfs Sami (Adeel Suhrwardy) and he becomes a distant memory for his family in Pakistan. Certain events take Sami back to his homeland, where he finds his brother, Rakay (Khurram Suhrwardy) in the midst of an assassination attempt. KaaNCH is about ‘rediscovering yourself’.

It is being released by Geo TV today (June 17, 9PM Pakistan Time) and available online here. It is directed by Khurram Suhrwardy and written by Adeel Suhrwardy. The two brothers are also the lead actors in the film.

I should confess that I have not seen the movie, but the trailer (below) makes me want to see it, although thrillers are not really my genre (I am much more of a Waheed Murad kind of guy!).

Kaanch – Pakistani Movie Trailer

Karachi Metroblog has carried two stories on the movie (here and here), but they were also more by way of announcing what was coming (like this story). Like them, I wil also await reviews from those who actually get to see it.

28 responses to “Kaanch: A Tele-Movie from Pakistan”

  1. abroad says:

    I think its great website. I really enjoy reading about peoples thoughts and the best thing about this site is that people with different views meet each other with respect.

  2. Few more things, they way Rakkay was hunting was funny. He would just stay the whole night in the forest and he wouldn’t bring any kind of shelter or shaamyana with him or even a travel pad.

  3. I just watched the movie. It was ok. There were few things that I didn’t get. Sami came from England after 6 years but the emotions were not right for that moment. Yes he didn’t come when he was supposed to but it didn’t look good. Also why didn’t he go to the forest right away to save his brother, I believe he knew that his brother was in the forest. Even if he didn’t know but that was the only reason he came back to Pakistan, than why didn’t he ask his mom about the brother.
    Also, one more very important thing, there family talks were kind of wired. Yes they might be modernized but they way they were saying hi and hello, it’s not that common in Pakistan. OK, you want to show those 1% who do use hi and hello but why do you want to promote the culture of others, why not your own culture.

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