Bandish: Pakistan’s Superhit Movie

Posted on August 25, 2007
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Owais Mughal

In May 2007, we had introduced Pakistan’s greatest blockbuster Movie called Aina. Today we are back with yet another superhit movie of Urdu cinema called bandish.

Bandish was released on November 1, 1980 and it was a co production between Pakistan and Indonesia. Besides completing a 81 consecutive week (platinum jubilee) screening in Pakistan, the movie did very good business in Indonesia too. Music of the movie was given by Robin Ghosh and following evergreen song from the movie became very famous. It is titled as sona na chandi and was sung by Akhlaq Ahmed.

The story of the movie revolves around 3 main characters which are: Nadeem, who is a Pakistani businessman with some real estate in Indonesia, Shabnam, who is an air stewardess and meets Nadeem in a flight from Karachi to Singapore and Diana Christina who is an island girl in Indonesia.

During the course of the movie, Nadeem is seen taking a leisurely cruise on his business trip to Indonesia. His boat suddenly catches fire and he fells down in water. Eventhough he survives the accident and reaches ashore on an island but due to trauma he suffers memory loss. On the island he meets Jotia (Diana Christina) who brings him home and takes care of him. Days pass by and Jotia starts learning Nadeem’s bhasha (language). Few scenes later the following song takes place where Nadeem is seen trying to correct Diana‘s Urdu grammar and pronunciation. The song is titled acha acha lage re and is sung by Nayyara Noor and A Nayyar.

some key information about the movie is here:

Director: Nazr-ul-Islam
Writer: Basheer Niaz
Music Director: Robin Ghosh
Song Writers: Saeed Gilani and Tasleem Fazli
Cameraman: Kamran Mirza
Producer: Ahmed Shamsi
Actors: , Nadeem, Shabnam, Diana Christina, Roy Martin, Talish, Alauddin and Talat Hussain

Following is another famous song from Bandish. It is titled tujhe dil se and is sung by Mehnaz.

Bandish won 6 Nigar Awards in 1981 which are the most prestigious movie awards in Pakistan. These awards were given to Bandish in following categories:

Best Supporting Actor: Alauddin
Best Song Writer: Tasleem Fazli
Best Cameraman: Kamran Mirza
Best Female Singer: Mehnaz
Best Male Singer: Akhlaq Ahmed
Best Editor: K.D. Mirza

Following song is titled do pyase dil eik and is sung by Mehdi Hassan and Mehnaz

Following are a couple of historic photos of Bandish. First photo is a movie scene with Shabnam and Nadeem and the second photo is a poster in sepia with cinemascope aspect ratio of Shabnam, Nadeem and Diana.

Reference: Pakistan ki 100 shahkar filmen by Yasin Gorija

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23 responses to “Bandish: Pakistan’s Superhit Movie”

  1. arooba asif says:

    hi shabnam its me arooba muslim iam requesting u to plz only one time plz came in karachi /pakistan i would very thankful to u and also email urs id byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. khurram says:

    Wajahat you’re totally wrong!! and stop believing on the rumors, you heard from someone and you blame the Pakistani film industry as well as the film makers.. Can’t you see the 30 years old songs in current indian movies??

  3. i48998 says:

    Bandish was not really a great film, if we come out of nostalgia and watch it again then you’d see what I mean. However, Do Piyase Dil is the King of all of songs, the best composition of all, Mehnaz and Mehdi Hasan are mind blowing,

  4. arzoo says:

    sorry the movie is: “BANDISH”.

  5. Sohaib Mirza says:

    Bandish was not released in 1980. It was released before that between 1977 & 1979. I know that very well since I was in 8th grade in 1980 and had nostalgia for Pakistani Industry. I used to do a plagiarism watch as to who is copying who. India had been copying Pakistani musics and songs for a long time. At least as far back as 1975. A Pakistani song ( 1975 or 1976) picturised on Sangeeta “Mera Aik Kaam kardo na” was copied and was played in mid-80′ “Akayla-pan mita do na….”
    Anyways, it is more likely that India had plagiarised Pakistani movie since no one in India had access to Pakistani movie, they were at more freedome to plagiarize. On the other hand Pakistanis watched Indian movies not only on VCRs but also on television (People in Lahore could catch Amritsar TV very clearly and used to watch Indian movies).

    Even if Bandish was a copy, it was lot better than the indian one. This review (posted earlier by Raza Rumi) depicts the standard of that Indian movie.

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