ATP Quiz: What and where in Pakistan?

Posted on October 20, 2008
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It’s been a while since last ATP Quiz so I thought its about time that we give our readers a little test. Well, here is the latest ATP Quiz. All you have to do is guess what exactly is this thing and where in Pakistan. Hope its not that difficult.

As usual, information about the original photographer and the subject in just about 2-3 days time. Happy guessing.

27 responses to “ATP Quiz: What and where in Pakistan?”

  1. Aalia Salim says:

    lol @ Mr. PMA’s doomed comments and for getting doomed in domed offices. The man clearly not willing to show his embarrassment and adding weird comments. But thank you guys a for a good laugh. We needed it here haha

  2. PMA says:

    Mr. Allah Wasaya: Now if they were ‘Doomed Offices’ then they would be really in trouble. Would they not? Mind you this discussion is strictly limited to ‘Domed Offices’ as “Domed Offices of Pakistan Railway, Sama Satta”. But thanks for coming along and being a good sport. Thanks to Darwaish Sahab we all can have a bit of fun here at ATP. Very nice post. Really enjoyed it.

  3. Darwaish says:

    hehe. Thanks for the help AW Sahab. See that’s why I have a habit of using Cambridge Online Dictionary here . Meri angerezi bi kuch kamzoor hi hai ;)

  4. Allah Wasaya says:


    Its Domed offices meaning an office with a “Dome”. Dome manay “Gumbad”, your pun is not applicable here, since, I am sure you mean “Doomed” :)

  5. PMA says:

    Darwaish Sahab: What are “Domed Offices”? Offices that are domed? Domed for ever or only during the office hours? What about those ‘non-domed offices’? Should they be domed also?

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