Posted on August 5, 2009
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68 responses to “Sohail Rana: Musical Maestero”

  1. Dear Sohail Rana Bhai Jan Salam

    How are you.I am very glad to listen those very memorable songs of my childhood of legendry Sohail Rana.
    But it is sad that in those songs one song was missed which is
    Aate Badaal Jaate Badaal which was very famous song of that time 70s.
    I love and so impatient to see or listen that song again last time when I watched that was 1978.
    And now 2010 .
    Kindly let me inform about that children song Aate Badaal Jaate Badaal
    Allah bless on you always
    sincerely yours
    shakeel hussain
    Sialkot city

  2. qamar says:

    Dear Bob Gardner
    Thanks for your valuable informations.In those days only source of information was radio who used to mention the music director of bees din title song as Sohail Rana.Please send me ur email address i wish to be in contact with u.

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    Qamar, I hope you find the title track song “Bees Din” and share it with us all. Perhaps you remember the American band known as The D’Fenders who actually performed the song on the movie sound track. It was their guitars that you listened to.
    The lead guitar was played by William R. Gardner. The music of the D’Fenders first caught the ear of Sohail Rana at the wedding of Happy Manwalla at the Metropole Hotel in downtown Karachi. Thousands of people flooded the Metropole to hear the D’Fenders play. The last copy of the song that I had was on a 45 rpm record that was stepped on by one of my small children years ago.
    The D’Fenders introduced Sohail Rana to the sounds of western music. The band was made up of young teenage boys whose parents worked in Karachi. The band members names were William R. Gardner – lead guitar, Bob Gardner – drums, Jim Martin – base guitar, Jim Omps – rhythm guitar.
    The band members are still in contact with each other to this day. For reasons unknown, they are not mentioned on the record despite being 100% of the music. For their efforts and co-writing assistance they received little more than a smile and a handshake.