One Man Band: All We Want is to Live A Little

Posted on December 12, 2009
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Adil Najam

I assume that many of you might have seen this before. I had not. But I enjoyed it. Especially, right at the very end.

But the reason I post it here is that it reminded me that ultimately the only thing any of us really wants is to be able to live a little. To enjoy. To share laughter with friends. Maybe, to smile once in a while.

That, cannot be too much to ask for!

14 responses to “One Man Band: All We Want is to Live A Little”

  1. Junaid says:

    Great find, Adil Bhai.

    Yes, ordinary people just want to go on with their life. if only these (literally) bloddy Taliban will let us.

  2. Firdous says:

    LAHORE: Security agencies on Saturday intercepted two more vehicles of US Consulate in two different localities of the provincial metropolis.

    However, police claim the security personnel let the foreigners go only after a thorough search of the vehicles and being furnished with their identification by the consulate.

    In the first incident, a land cruiser was intercepted by the police at a picket near Shimla Hill for bearing suspicious registration number.

    The occupants of the vehicle reportedly offered resistance when the police sought their identification as well as registration book of the vehicle.

    In the meantime, a security squad of the US Consulate also arrived at the spot and managed release of the vehicle and those riding it, sources said.

    The other vehicle, also a land cruiser, was stopped by security personnel and military police at Sherpao Bridge, Cantonment, also carrying foreign ‘diplomats’.

    Police sources said the vehicle had a fake registration number of Karachi. However, US Consulate officials again intervened and took the vehicle and its occupants with them, without letting the security personnel search them, they added.

    SSP (Operations) Shafiq Ahmad said both the vehicles were allowed to go only after a thorough search, complete verification of their registration and travel documents of the foreigners.

    It was third incident in a week in the city when security agencies intercepted vehicles owned by US Consulate.

  3. Rashid Ali says:

    Adil, I must say you have an eye for extra ordinary. It is amazing what can be done with hand, mouth and some old utensil. Men always found some time to relax, enjoy and as you stated “live a little”.

  4. ShahidnUSA says:

    The commercials were hilarious, definitely a talent.
    Thank you
    Lets cherish life, a gift we should be greatful of. =related

  5. ASAD says:

    Kasim, what wrong with the title, “One Man Band: All We Want is to Live A Little”

    I think it is a very good title…

    I guess keeray nikalna is also Pakistaiat!

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