Jinnah-The Movie: Watch it here

Posted on June 20, 2006
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Adil Najam

The greatly trumpeted, fairly controversial, and mostly disappointing movie Jinnah was released in 1998 to even lesser acclaim than it deserved.

Despite all its flaws–especially its overly convoluted and philosophical plot which contributed much to its failure to excite ordinary non-Pakistani film-goers–it was thought-provoking rendition for Pakistanis: for those who liked the movie, and even more for those who did not.

It is sad that it ended up being seen by very few Pakistanis. The movie’s distribution was extremely sloppy, mostly due to the bickering between the principals of ‘The Quaid Project’. It played in Pakistan (in Urdu and in English) but very briefly and in very few theaters, and was never picked up for serious distribution abroad. Many who wanted to see the movie could not, simply because there was no place to see it at.

That has–belatedly–changed. Someone (it says Jamil Dehlavi) has recently placed the entire movie on video.google where it can be viewed if you have a reasonably fast Internet connection.

You can view it here by clicking on the image below, or go to video.google. The movie is just under 2 hours long, and in two parts.

For Part 2, click for rest of this entry.

34 responses to “Jinnah-The Movie: Watch it here”

  1. Kaneesh says:

    It is so sad that pakistani people never accept any good thing in their lives. Its so shame to those who made every effort to turn this movie down both nationally and abroad. No wonder the conspiracy worked in this case.
    People who didnt see this then they must. This will open your eyes and show you much truth never found in text books.

  2. yumna says:

    im yumna,im pakistani i love quide-e-azam i really proud it

  3. Aftab Ikram says:

    I know this movie did’t do well in Pakistan may be because the meaningful film will not be accepted by our audience,i read the interview of chirstofer lee(Jinnah in film)said the role was tough and challangefull for me the story was beautiful and strong.(this movie got silver award for non hollywood movie in oscar).
    For our viewers in pakistan i think Director mis some rain dances and dubble meaning song in the movie.Next time i advice the Producer when they make movie like this please put some valgar song in that movie.(SAD)….
    We have good producers and Directors to me we don’t have good viewers for this type of movies……

  4. maha says:

    the movie was so good and meaning full. i m a pakistani and i m proud to being a pakistani.i love quide azam and pakistan.

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