Posted on September 14, 2006
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42 responses to “Monitoring of Friday sermons by Police”

  1. More comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “This may be a welcome first step, but then what? Are those who do not meet the ‘standards’ going to be removed from their position? Are they going to be charged for inciting violence, arrested, punished as appropriate, and kept behind bars? Or will there be another revolving door waiting on the other side? Those who incite violence on the streets are not held accountable at all, today… things will change in society not by government decree alone, but by public refusal to accept such leadership, whether religious or political. It is time to speak up and say what we really think.”
    – “I’m 100% agree with you I just have one request to you, if you gonna write something like that please use the words like start from “WE THE PEOPLE.” Again thank you for your comment I hope some day they people of Pakistan understand. Thanks.”
    – “This would be a gr8 step toward hope. Federal Govt should centralized these Friday sermons through provincial govts. All the mosque imams should be given furnished accommodation. Plus new cars but but they all should be restricted for not saying any hateful speeches in their sermons. Punishment for doing so should be so stiff that no one can break that law. Implementation of such law should made possible through army.”
    – “right ! there are probably hundreds and thousands of mosques around Pakistan !! This is just lip service and its implementation is is not practical.”
    – “This is a great idea. But not by the police or government. Each one of us has to do it and make sure that the nonsense that we ignore is not ignored anymore from any mullah!”

  2. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “we should have done this long time back – but its never too late.”
    – “Shukar hai, hosh main aagye…”
    – “Most mullahs spew nothing but hate in their Friday sermons. Some how they think that the sermon is not about the religion they follow but inflammatory speeches about other religions.”
    – “Yes it should be bend like in Turkey where Govt send the sermons to the mosque to what to say to the people.”